What is your opinion on farmer100 after purchase an account or a ingame item in farmer100. Does Farmer100 fraud? The answer is of course not.

Farmer100 is a safe website without any fraud. You shouldn’t believe those people who say farmer100 is a bad one and do fraud. They are lying. How can it happen that a 5-years-old website cheats his customers? Established in the year 2007, farmer100 is specialized in game accounts, game currency, power-leveling and other customized service. It is an honest and friendly provider.

Some one said in a website that farmer100 fraud by only using PayPal to finish the payment and getting money from the PayPal but do nothing else.

Actually, you do have options when you are to pay for your order in farmer100. If you have bought something from the site, you will know that.

After you make an order, you are asked to pay for it. Then you will find there are five options for you to choose.

The first one is Moneybookers. Using this payment method you can get a 20% discount.

The second one is bank transfer. USD, GBP, EUR, CHF, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD, HKD and RMB currencies are acceptable. You can receive a 40% discount by using this method.

Then the third comes to PayPal. Using PayPal Online Payment System there will be 5-7 working days to wait before delivery.

The forth is credit card via PayPal. This one is used through PayPal.

And the last one goes to western union. 20% discount is given if you use this method.

Farmer100 provides competitive price and high quality virtual goods. Still, you can get discounts in the payment. It’s a nice shop and never fraud.

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